Making A Difference

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1. Catch ‘em Young

· Intensive project for a total improvement of students

· Selection is based on psychometric tests at 8th standard

· The project covers scholastic development, competency enhancement, career development and psychological well being of the students.

2. Career guidance

· Individual career counselling

· Career guidance classes 

· Career exhibitions

3. Finishing school

· Equip the youth to compete and secure a place in the national and international job market

4. Competitive Coaching

· Orientation and coaching for NMMSE, NTSE, Civil Service, UPSC, KPSC, SSC etc.

5. Self Employment Activities

· Self-employment programs with collaboration of government and non- government organizations



1. Course on effective teaching

· Teaching effectiveness is important because effective teaching helps student learning. It has become even more important as the emphasis on quality in education has increased. 

2. Students camps

· Residential and non-residential camps during the school vacation

· The camp covers life skills and soft skill development of the students. 

3. Muallim & Imam Training

· Training for religious teachers in effective teaching, child psychology etc.

· Training for Imams in community leadership, effective public speaking etc. 

4. Parenting workshops

· Effective parenting is an integral part of making a good child, and it leads to a better society.

5. Leadership training for youth

6. Trainers training - Develop resource persons for the societal needs

7. Marital Counseling, workshops & Couples training



1. [email protected]

· [email protected] is a project for women empowerment through training on parenting, health and home finance management.

· Effective parenting helps in promoting good emotional and physical health in children.

2. Life skill education for adolescence

· Adolescence is the most critical phase of an individual. It denotes the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood marked by conspicuous physical, cognitive, emotional and social changes. 

· Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands, challenges, and stress of everyday life. 

3. Women resource persons

· Develop women resource persons to meet the societal needs

4. Families of expatriates

· Training in effective parenting, financial management etc.

· Guidance for self-employment for the needy people



1. Awareness
· Conduct awareness classes
· Prepare and publish materials on health issues
2. Medical camps
· Organize medical camps for the villagers
Environment Conservation
1. Rain Water Harvesting
· Well recharge for rainwater harvesting 
· Awareness programs on rainwater harvesting
2. Poison Free Vegetables
· Poison free vegetable farming in houses
· Classes and facilitation